Busy Spring: New Incubator, Student Projects, and Key Events!

May-June 2024

Eventful May-June – New Incubator Program, Student Projects, and Exciting Events!

Our team at Otos has had an incredibly active and productive couple of months, attending various events both in Finland and internationally. Here’s a rundown of our recent activities and achievements:

Health Incubator Helsinki

In May, we received fantastic news: Otos was accepted into Health Incubator Helsinki’s batch 5 alongside nine other promising new ventures! This opportunity is significant for us as the program offers long-term support, including tailored mentoring and advisory services, and extensive networking opportunities. Creating successful healthcare solutions is indeed a team sport, and we’re thrilled to be part of this vibrant community.

Great Results from the PDP Project

For nine months, a group of students from Aalto University’s PDP (Product Development Project) course was working on an assignment related to our project. The course concluded with a product design gala where the student group showcased their work. We were delighted to see the excellent prototypes they developed. These insights and learnings are invaluable, and we’re excited to incorporate them into our project.

Eventful May and June

May and June were packed with numerous events where we had the opportunity to present Otoscreen, our innovative solution aimed at revolutionizing hearing care by streamlining workflows and bringing cost-efficiency to primary care practices. The events we attended included:

  • Radical Health Festival 2024
  • Deep Tech Investor Day 2024
  • Science Startup Day
  • Arctic15
  • HLTH Europe Conference

Each event provided us with connections with industry leaders, talks with investors, networking with like-minded people, and valuable feedback regarding our solution.

As we move forward, we’re excited to build on these experiences and continue working towards shaping the future of hearing healthcare. Stay tuned for more updates from Team Otos!