Our Team

Our core operational team has strong expertise in business development, engineering design and production, audiology technology, clinical practice, and medical research.

Wycliffe Raduma, M.Sc.

Commercial Champion & Technical Lead

Wycliffe (M.Sc. Aalto University) has 15 years of experience as a product developer within the medical-, security, and climate-tech sectors in established organizations, such as Philips Medical Systems MR Finland and Kavo Kerr Group. Furthermore, he has built and scaled startups as an operational expert, founder, and co-founder.

+358 50 351 7554

Tanja Tervonen, MBA

Team Lead

Tanja (MBA, LAUREA University of Applied Sciences) has strong expertise in project coordination, operational work, and customer and stakeholder relationship management with clients from Finland, Latin America, the USA, UK, and Korea. She has worked in sales, promotion, communication, and marketing roles in private and non-governmental organizations.

+358 50 325 4171

Adj. Prof. Saku Sinkkonen

Medical Lead & Clinical Researcher

Saku (ENT Specialist & Otologist, HUS) is a well-known industry leader in Otology with over 17 years of experience both in clinical practice and in academic research in the field.

Ville Sivonen, Ph.D.

Clinical Researcher

Ville (Clinical Engineer - Audiology, HUS) is a respected industry expert in the field of Acoustics, Audiology, and Electrical Engineering with over 15 years of experience in clinical work and academic research.

Prof. Jouni Partanen

Principal Investigator (PI)

Jouni is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering in Advanced Production Technologies. As a merited Academic scientist, he has published extensively in diverse fields such as physics, manufacturing technology, health sciences, and chemistry. With 15 years of industry leadership experience in the high-technology sector, Jouni has excelled in product development, advanced research, production, and product management. He currently holds over 50 internationally-issued patents in main high-technology markets worldwide.

+358 50 576 9804