Insights from AAA+ HearTech EXPO 2024 and Silicon Valley

April-May 2024

Exploring Customer Needs: Insights from AAA+ HearTech EXPO 2024 and Silicon Valley 

In April and May 2024, our team embarked on a journey to better understand customer needs in the US by attending the AAA+ HearTech EXPO in Atlanta and visiting Stanford and the Bay Area. These trips were invaluable opportunities to immerse ourselves in both the established practices of audiology and the dynamic world of startups.

Atlanta: Learning from Audiology Practices

The first stop was the AAA+ HearTech EXPO 2024 in Atlanta. This event was a fantastic platform for us to delve into the latest advancements and practices in the field of audiology. We had the chance to connect with leading professionals, attend insightful sessions, and explore innovative products and services that are shaping the future of hearing health. The knowledge gained here will be instrumental in enhancing our approach and ensuring we meet the evolving needs of the customers.

Silicon Valley: A Glimpse into the Startup Ecosystem

Following Atlanta, we headed to Silicon Valley, visiting Stanford and the Bay Area. This region is renowned for its vibrant startup ecosystem, and it did not disappoint. We met with innovative entrepreneurs and explored cutting-edge technologies that are driving the next wave of advancements. The creativity and energy in Silicon Valley were truly inspiring, providing us with fresh perspectives and ideas to incorporate into our project.

Moving Forward

Our experiences in Atlanta and Silicon Valley have reinforced our commitment to understanding and addressing customer needs. We look forward to applying these insights to our work and continuing to push the boundaries!